Polyester resin production is the heart of the
company’s productive activity.


Over the years, thanks to careful and detailed research work, Colbam has built up an important range of models that today is able to meet any need in terms of replacements.

In the range there are models referring to toilet products from the 60’s onwards including models that are practically unavailable elsewhere.
All Colbam models are designed directly on the toilet, which ensures perfect housing, combining aesthetics and functionality.


Technical Area - Polyester resin color card


  • Artisan product, high quality of product and service
  • 14mm poplar chipboard core
  • Cast polyester resin coating
  • Shiny and shiny surface
  • Dedicated models for every ceramic house
  • Available in the original colors of the ceramic houses
  • Hinges in chromed brass or stainless steel
  • Hinges fixed to the toilet seat with expansion plug
  • Impact resistant bi-material bumpers with high grip on the ceramic