1. Brief with the client, aesthetic and component considerations

2. Scanning of the ceramic product and 3D mathematical realization

3. Prototype realization

4. evaluation of the prototype in the company on the piece and any revisions

5. Prototype evaluation with the customer

6.Any revisions and approval

7. Realization of steel mold


9. Color detection through a spectrophotometer

10. Color tests through spray painting with special adhesives


Industrial Production, hand made quality


Excelling through quality and service. This is the strate­gic orientation
that has guided Colbam for over the past forty years of growth.

From the 70’s till today Colbam has proven that what was commonly
known as a simple ac­cessory is actually an important furnishing,
thanks to its quality and style.

This asset, greatly appreciated by those familiar with Col­
products, has been obtained thanks to careful de­
sign research
and a strict technical development policy:

bumpers in bi-material,
expansion bars and high-quality hinges, are only a part of the forge
of ideas, all the more intense and enthusiastic.